Who I am

A versatile, visual storyteller.

That's how I'd like to think people might describe me. People who enjoy alliteration, anyway. Nowadays, I could sum it up by saying, simply, that I'm into digital design, in its many forms. But historically, it goes way beyond that.

Oh, still reading? Okay.

When my friends and I formed clubs in our backyards as kids, I was most concerned with what our club was called and what our logo would look like. I got my hands on a bootlegged copy of Photoshop, and I decided that must be what heaven is like. I started making T-shirt designs for every occasion. Shirt designs became web designs, logos became brands, and graphic design paved the way to motion graphics, and here I am—making a career out of making things look good, work well, and get the right messages across.

I've also always loved (read: been obsessed with) writing. I didn't think of it as "copywriting" growing up, of course, but that creative outlet has always been in my veins. I wrote some Narnia knockoffs in grade school and never looked back.

When I'm not immersing myself in the design world, I'm probably watching great athletes play the sports I played much less impressively in high school, watching my kids be awesome at whatever, or annoying the hell out of my wife by preemptively blurting out quotes during movies in a hopeless effort to prove how smart I am. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now, please tell me you aren't still reading this. It's time to go out and create some cool sh—stuff.

See what I worked on while you were just sitting there, reading.

Work I want you to see